#37 – A Quick Departure

It seems my never ending change of plans has changed once again. I know this is normal for the industry I am in, and in most part, I do normally stick to what I set out to do. However, life wants to push and pull you in opposite directions, and often you’ll be a victim (or winner) of circumstance. As you may or may not know, this year I decided to quit my weekend job (but still doing the odd courier shift if I need to), in order to pursue filmmaking as a freelancer more than I have ever done previously. Whilst I was working weekends, making money from filmmaking never really occurred to me as a via option. I was happy making my own work, and slowly progressing through the little baby steps I was making. Well, in hindsight, that was both a great and bad decision in equal measures. After allowing myself that opportunity to take on other work, this has actually freed me up to do a lot more creative work, and more importantly, meet new people in the industry – something I’ve struggled to do. My 20s have consisted of my ‘film school’, learning by doing but not really progressing to where I’d like to be, but as I enter my 30s, I believe I need to spend more time entering the industry and working on various projects, whilst building up my experience that way – or at least, that’s how I feel today.

What this means is that I have less time to pursue my own projects. The Cult of Nigel is the one I am aiming towards at the moment, and whilst we have made good progress on the script, and ideas about pre-production are already taking shape (I’ve spoken to two film-grad students about coming on board), I’m struggling to accept how long things are taking, which has really started to bug me – it seems weeks are just flying by without much being done. I wanted to make a feature film over five years ago, and time just keeps on ticking away. This is absolutely fine, and I am in no way complaining that I’ve failed to do anything in that time – quite the opposite, and everything I’ve done leading up to this moment, has led me to the point of being ready to produce a feature film. I have no doubts that if I had somehow managed to actually stumble my way through a feature film five years ago, it would have been a travesty and largely a waste of time. As things stand now, I have a much better and professional understanding of filmmaking and what is required to make something like that. So as each day and each month and each year passes without me making that allusive feature film, I am only getting more prepped and knowledgeable about myself as a filmmaker .

As things stand, I am still doing the odd showreel from scratch – which is great because it is keeping my writing and directorial tools sharp, and I am working as producer on a short film – which is the first ‘job’ I got from an industry website I signed up to a month or so ago. At the moment I’m happy to juggle paid jobs with my own creative projects, but this means they will take longer to complete than I have been used to. I have decided to go back to potentially making a few more short films. As things stand, we may not go into production on The Cult of Nigel until May next year, so I need to keep myself busy till then.


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