#39 – Hangry

Third time lucky! If you read my last blog you’d know that recently I’ve been trying to make a ‘new generation’ of short films – where I actually shoot with a crew! The idea being is that I am beginning to recruit people for The Cult of Nigel project I aim to shoot next year. All well and good. But unfortunately for me, it seemed lady luck (or lady laziness, or lady loony-toon) had other plans for me. Over the course of one month, I attempted to produce four short films – totally doable if you already had a solid crew in place who was up for the challenge as well. But I didn’t. So I was talking to and planning for separate shoots that hardly ever overlapped. That meant four DPs, four soundies, four make-up and four of everything else – oh, and cast! Four lots of cast members. The scripts were the easy part, so let’s skip that. But it’s fair to say I now know where in Brighton does good coffee (Coffee Mojo on Queen’s Street is now my favourite, surpassing Bond St. coffee).

I’ve lost count how many people let me down over those few weeks – reasons varied, and I’m sure most were genuine, but it slowly (and quickly) become a nightmare, resulting in the first two shoots being abandoned. It’s best not to get bitter over such things, and on the whole I remained neutral, but inside I was screaming. Whilst I felt a bit down about it all (after all, I just wanted to make a short film or two!), we did finally manage to shoot something!

I may divulge some spoiler-ish stuff now, so I recommend stopping hear if Hangry hasn’t been released yet.

It’s a horror-comedy, which I wrote in one sitting (first draft, boom!), and stemed from me thinking about what I would when I was angry/hungry. Okay, the script went a little OTT, but it’s fun – and I like fun! It has been split into two halves to encourage people to donate to our fundraising campaign – the idea being is that you can watch the second half of the film if you’ve donated, and believe me you DO! I would like to suggest that you couldn’t guess where it was going (I may even do a little poll to see what people think). I’ll check in next time to let you know how it goes.


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