#33 – A Juggling Act

Last week I released a new post. Admittedly it had a deliberately provocative title because I had grown noticeably delusional with the internet and how I had been using it to promote my work – and how it treated me, and other creatives, in return. One particular statement seemed to resonate with quite a few readers – […]

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#31 – The End Of 2016

As we reach the end of 2016 and I look forward to a new year which will undoubtedly be an interesting one, I felt a need to reflect on the year that has just past and where I am now. No, I don’t mean location wise – if you’re interested, I am sitting at my […]

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#30 – Punch Bag

So what happened, was… I wrote a new blog post, but then production on my latest short film Punch Bag took over. Suddenly it seemed like I had a list of things I just wouldn’t have the time to do! So looking over the draft post before publishing it was sort of forgotten. Until now! Beneath is […]

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#29 – Back In The Game

It’s been an eventful month. And when I write eventful, I mean, tiring. If you didn’t read my last post, constant reader, you would have missed me informing you that I was taking a ‘break’ from my own work to become a Grip on a local feature film. Sandwiched somewhere in that month I also worked as […]

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#28 – Things ‘n That

I just wanted to make a quick note about what’s been happening to me recently. So, I was aware, through the wonders of social media, that there was a local feature film about to go into production. I contacted the producer to see if I could get a couple of days on set to watch, listen and […]

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#27 – Man In A Suit

And here lies the waste of Man In A Suit. I’ve deliberately held back from writing here for a few weeks now, because I wanted filming for Man In A Suit to be over. Admittedly this was intended to happen a few weeks ago, but the ‘great’ British weather clearly has a personal vendetta against me and always […]

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